Berlin Movement Immersion 10th Anniversary Edition

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Berlin , Germany

10 years of moving, shaking, and growing together. What started out as the Berlin Blues Camp in 2009 over the years has turned into something more fundamental and open to many kind of dance styles - with its main focus still on Afroamerican vernacular dances. We’ve all evolved in many ways, as have our dance scenes. We welcome all who have communed here before to return and share together once again. We welcome back those of you who have participated in recent years, are just scratching the surface, and are ready to delve deeper, practice, and integrate. We welcome the next generation, the future of our scenes. And we welcome those of you who have always said “maybe some time, maybe next year†. This is the year. Our anniversary gathering will feature our full staff of movement and rhythm educators. At DanceMode we believe in creating space for movement based lifestyle, sensual living, and community through social dance.


Brenda Russell Catherine Palmier Janos Crecelius Gabriel Huot
Berlin , Germany