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Hamburg, Germany

It's time to mark your calendars for 2020: Registration for Hamburg Balboa Festival (former Hamburg Balboa Exchange) opens on February 11th, 2020 / 3pm (Berlin time zone). Hamburg Balboa Exchange ---> is now Hamburg Balboa Festival! But - don't worry! The festival will keep it's cozy Exchange character. As we offer (a small amount of) classes each year, the new name is more appropriate to the event and well understood for visitors. Right in the heart of the city of Franzbrötchen, the famous red mile, a legendary fish market (Sundays 5am-9.30am) you will find a growing and alive Balboa scene! Of course, the town has a lot more to give and see! When you come to visit and dance at the end of July, you'll be quite surely (and hopefully) welcomed by sunny weather. We will offer you a weekend with Parties and some activities, and additionally/optionally some fun Balboa classes with new and upcoming teachers from abroad. You can add your choice of activities while booking online, or, if there is still space available, at the door. If you prefer to chill or make your own plans, we've prepared a special Hamburg guide to inspire you. Hamburgers can't wait to see a lot of international and national guests again at the Hamburg Balboa Festival.


Lucia Galiana & Javi Zurdo Jennifer Lee & Eran Tobi
Hamburg, Germany