BLHC - Balkan Lindy Hop Championships

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Lindy Hop
Jazz Roots
Sofia, Bulgaria

Dancers and competitors from all over the globe are coming to Sofia to show their talents in competitions, to participate in special competitors workshops with one of the best dancers and ... to win amazing prizes! COMPETITION DIVISIONS 1. Pro Classic Routine 2. Open Classic Routine 3. Pro Showcase Routine 4. Open Showcase Routine 5. Team Routine 6. Solo Team Routine 7. Junior Lindy Routine 8. Open Mix & Match 9. Advanced Mix & Match 10. Open Strictly Lindy 11. Balkan Champions Cup (Advanced Strictly Lindy) 12. Slow Dance Mix & Match 13. Partner Slow Dance 14. Open Solo Jazz 15. Advanced Solo Jazz 16. Cabaret Division 17. 30-Seconds Showcase 18. Invitational Mix & Match 19. Invitational Strictly Lindy


||COMPETITION TRACK TEACHERS|| Hector Artal & Sonia Ortega Nils Andren & Bianca Locatelli ... more are coming soon <3
Sofia, Bulgaria